Book Cover of Light's Reservoir, Haiku by Rebecca LillyThis sequel to Rebecca Lilly’s lovely collection of butterfly haiku, A Prism of Wings, is another triumph, combining philosophy, botany, and poetry in ways that allow us to share the author’s emotional and intellectual joy in the wildflowers we all too often take for granted or know little about. This is a book which will open your heart and your mind. And once again the full-color plates are a glorious addition to Rebecca Lilly’s vivid haiku. The end-notes are fascinating as well, another reason to relish Light’s Reservoir.

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Sample Haikus

Truth not concealing,
but letting be—the still, white
bloodroot flowering

Small pond—saffron water
lilies shift with a bullfrog’s
splash: ripples of sun

Nothing’s ever lost!
One buttercup, another,
over the mown lawn