Book cover of Ego and the Spirital Self: A Path to AwarenessEgo is your mind-based sense of self. Inherently dualistic, the ego is founded on a distinction between what ‘I’ am and what ‘I’ am not, and it maintains itself by desiring (pulling towards itself) what supports that ‘I’ and resisting (or pushing away) what threatens it. All psychological suffering comes from this dual movement of the ego.

In contrast to this is your spiritual self. This is your inherent awareness, your sense of self which is intuitively known as a oneness with everything else. The real ‘you’ is essentially this unlimited awareness the deepest core of your consciousness which transcends the dualistic mind, and is both the source of wisdom – an intuitive knowledge of unity – and unconditional love.

Ego and the Spiritual Self illustrates how living out of your awareness, this more profound sense of who you are, leads to actions and insights not available to your ego, the false or constructed self. The book also instructs on how to deepen your awareness, so as to live a life of well-being.