The butterfly’s intricate and alluring wing patterns, and the exquisite coloration and shapes of wildflowers make them perfect subjects for poems that link the beauty of the natural world with the mysteries of life. The butterfly’s transformation is an apt metaphor for existential questions about the quest for peace and happiness in a world that inevitably confronts us with change and loss. Wildflowers are magical and surprising moments of genuine delight found in the most unexpected places.

Rebecca Lilly has authored two gift books of inspirational haiku featuring color plates by recognized artists. A Prism of Wings, focuses on butterflies, and the companion volume, Light’s Reservoir, on wildflowers. Both books are beautifully illustrated with twelve full-color plates of butterflies and wildflowers, respectively. The artist, Sarah McQuilkin, offers her bright and vibrant vision of butterflies in A Prism of Wings, while Rachel Lilly captures the subtlety and delicacy of wildflowers in her colored pencil sketches for Light’s Reservoir.