Book Cover of A Prism of Wings Haiku by Rebecca LillyThe delicate haiku in Rebecca Lilly’s A Prism of Wings are vivid in detail, fascinating in philosophy, accurate in science, and gorgeous in coloration. The same can be said for the full-color illustrations that illuminate the book. If you weren’t one before, you will be an aficionado of butterflies and moths when you put down the book. About it, Kathleen Ford writes this: “Rebecca Lilly’s haiku take flight like butterflies. The Swallowtails, Sleepy Oranges and Coral Hairstreaks delight while inspiring moments of transcendence. Lilly writes ‘few words matter in the end,’ but in this lovely volume which beautifully unites subject, form and theme, they matter a great deal.”

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Sample Haikus

Dwelling unconcerned
in myself—the brook flow, rock
dust, Yellow Sulphur

Sun’s palimpsest—gold
and black, Tiger Swallowtails
sift through twilight’s net

Silence penetrates
my body—tall grass, Regal
Fritillaries rising